The Story of Andromeda Ethiopia Coffee

For the Support of Famine-Stricken People

When I visited the Ethiopian Embassy in Japan for the support of famine-stricken people, a government official of Ethiopia told us, “We need no material or money. Famine and poverty are social problems, and because humans constitute the society, the fundamental solution to the problems is to change people’s internalities. What we wish for the most is for human internality to change. But firstly, I would like you to know the reality.” I proposed to the Ethiopian government to hold the Idaki Shin concert, which can fundamentally change human internality. The then Ethiopian Ambassador to Japan said that the concert could be held if we can prove that the music indeed changes people from within. I told him about the story of my life, and all staff at the embassy participated in a concert held in Tokyo. Afterward, we sent the ambassador’s message on his experience of the concert to every head of state across the world. Below is an excerpt of his message.

“Several months ago, I was very pleased to experience Mr. Saito’s concert in Tokyo. I was very impressed by the expression of the internal cosmic energy that tightly connected humankind and the universe. I became convinced that when this dynamic energy is fully expressed, it will transcend all boundaries in this world such as race, religion, and politics.”

After the decision was made to hold the “Cosmic Manifesto” concert in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa on November 10th, 2001, we visited Ethiopia and traveled across the country in preparation for the concert. That day happened to be my birthday. Under the night sky filled with stars, I was asked by the Ethiopian people to start a coffee business. Ethiopia, suffering from famine and poverty, was a producer of coffee. Furthermore, it was its birthplace. People in Ethiopia were and still are drinking coffee as a medicinal drink. They requested us to “introduce their delicious coffee that is good for people, true to its true value.” I rejoiced and accepted their request. This was the beginning of our coffee business.

The “Cosmic Manifesto” concert held on November 10th, 2001 that attracted 110,000 people ended in great success, broadcasting simultaneously by satellite and the internet across the world. We received a message of gratitude as an announcement of the government that “the internalities of people who constantly had anxiety, fear, discontent were filled with love. From love, good things can be created and good business can be built. The concert was truly a support for the independence of people.”  Our coffee business started out of love. After returning to Japan, many samples of green coffees were laid before me at the Embassy of Ethiopia in Japan, and I was asked to select the ones to import. Beautiful and splendid in appearance, I could tell that they were all high-quality beans. As I had difficulty choosing, I closed my eyes and listened to my heart. Then, one of the coffees greeted me, “Nice to meet you.” Opening my eyes, I pointed to it saying, “I choose this one.” The Embassy staff opened his eyes widely and rejoiced, “Ms. Koma, you’re wonderful!” I chose a 100% wild coffee from the Kafa region, the birthplace of coffee. It was “Limu,” a precious coffee that is grown without disrupting the natural environment and that has been consumed as medicine since the time of its discovery. In addition, following the recommendation of the Embassy staff, we decided to import “Yirgachafe,” coffee beans of top quality.

We named the coffee “Andromeda Ethiopia Coffee,” with the dream of growing it into a global brand. Coffee beans of Ethiopia, the birthplace and a producer of coffee, used to go out into the market without the name “Ethiopia” ever coming out in front. The Ethiopian people asked us to include “Ethiopia” in the brand name. And Andromeda is the name of a queen of Ethiopia. To grow the coffee into a number one brand in the world, we installed a specially made sound system of NPO Koma at the roasting factory to play the Idaki Shin sound, and coffee filled with plenty of the energy of the sound was born. Smooth and tasty, its uniqueness is apparent in the flavor. A sip of the coffee fills me inside with light. I feel sincerely thankful that strength is born from within.

Coffee from Tanzania


As a program of the SADC summit conference, we held the Idaki Shin “Torch of Peace” concert in Tanzania in 2003. Tanzania is the origin of Kilimanjaro coffee. The story of coffee from Tanzania finally came true, coffee beans from the homeland of the former Tanzanian Ambassador to Japan. He went to the university owing to the support of the villagers and later entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; he wished, someday, to repay the people of his village for their support. The foot of Kilimanjaro is said to be a land of healing. When I visited there a couple of times, it was indeed filled with healing energy. The coffee filled with the energy of the land of Kilimanjaro was exposed to plenty of Idaki Shin sound at the time of roasting, and Kilimanjaro Gomata Suji Coffee was born.

It is a powerful coffee with deep flavor–elegant, delicate, and, at the same time, abounding with the dynamic energy of the land of Kilimanjaro. Facing difficulty securing stock of such a precious coffee, we finally realized our “dream of Kilimanjaro” after working on it for five years. I hope you will enjoy it.

For the Support of the Recovery of the Tohoku Region

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, I perceived that there was no future for Japan without recovery of the Tohoku region (northeastern Japan). In one of the disaster areas that I visited, a local person told me that creating a business in which the young generations can work with hope will truly be a support for the recovery. We later built a small roasting cabin, borrowing a piece of land on Yamamoto Strawberry Farm in Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi Prefecture, a disastered area. There, Master Idaki Shin roasted the coffee beans himself. Now, many researchers in Japan report the good benefits of coffee. I become invigorated when I have a cup of coffee roasted by Master Idaki Shin, feeling impressed that the original function of coffee is drawn out to its best effect.

The Birth of “White Coffee”

Extremely shallow roasted coffee

One day when I was feeling ill and resting, Master Idaki Shin handed me coffee, freshly roasted by him at the roasting cabin in Yamamoto-cho. When I opened the package, I was surprised at the unfamiliar color of beans. I brewed a cup, feeling I may be able to drink this coffee even in my sick condition. I named it “White Coffee” in my mind. When I had a sip, a pain ran through my body; I then felt the distortion of my body being corrected, so drastically that I could almost hear its sound, and my body was restored to its good condition. The pain disappeared instantly. I was astonished by it and recalled the time I visited Ethiopia for the first time. A cup of coffee relieved me from my fatigue at once, and I shouted, “This is like medicine!” I vividly remembered how surprised I was when a local person told me that it is indeed medicine. And I was even more surprised that people there have been drinking it as a medicinal drink since the time of its discovery. I had thought that coffee was not good for me, and when I was sick, I did not feel like having a cup. Now in Japan, people have started to say that coffee is good for us. Since I experienced my first cup of “White Coffee,” I now wish to drink it whenever I am not feeling well, and when I have a cup, I can feel my blood circulation improve and my body turn warm. Feeling surprised every time my bad condition is cleared, becoming invigorated, I am sincerely thankful for this coffee.

A cup of “White Coffee” first thing in the morning wakes up my whole body immediately. Feeling energized, I become purified as if my body and mind was cleansed by pure water. I was surprised to find that a cup at night heals me rather than keeps me up. A cup of “White Coffee” relieves me on a tired night, refreshing me with energy for tomorrow.

When enjoyed in iced coffee on a hot summer day, it feels more refreshing than a carbonated drink. Relieved of the hotness, I become filled with vigor. Many people expressed their joy and appreciation to me that those who were not fond of drinking coffee enjoy the “White Coffee”; and that people wish to drink it even when they are not feeling well, and drinking it makes them feel better. Feeling thankful that the original function of coffee was drawn out, I would like to introduce the “White Coffee,” wishing to share this happiness with everyone. I would be grateful if you could try it.


Keiko Koma
Representative of NPO Koma

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