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Yui-kobo, Cafe Koma-ya

Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi Pref.

On 11th of March 2018, we opened Yui-Kobo in front of Yamashita Station in Yamamoto-cho. Mr. Takashi Iwasa, the representative of Yamamoto Strawberry Plantation, rose up immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake in Yamamoto-cho, where 90% of the town was destroyed, to run a strawberry farm for the future generations. Through my encounter with him, Yui-Kobo (Yamamoto Strawberry Plantation Baumkuchen kitchen and NPO KOMA coffee roasting workshop & cafe) came to be built. Coffee beans we import directly from Ethiopia and Tanzania, as part of the project of NPO KOMA to support Africa, are roasted by Master Idaki Shin. I have always appreciated the coffee as God’s gift, and when I had coffee roasted at Yui-Kobo, I was filled with joy to have given a true gift from God. Yui-Kobo also has a confectionary kitchen. You can have gluten-free sweets, made with fruits and other produce harvested locally, that can be enjoyed together with the coffee. Because we have a cafe together with a coffee roasting workshop and a confectionary kitchen, I am sincerely grateful to offer the most delicious menu. I am looking forward to everyone’s visit to Yui-Kobo. With the beautiful aroma of coffee wafting that makes a heart enriched, wishing for happiness and hope to reach the world, I could realize a light of hope that would shine forever in the land of Tohoku,” a vision I saw, by the opening of Yui-Kobo. At the same time, I envisioned light extending in all directions. We will live vigorously with beautiful hearts to spread the circle of light. Thank you very much.

“Koma-ya” – Yui-Kobo-

1-5-2, tsubameno-mori, Ymamoto-cho, Watari-gun, Miyagi Pref.
Open: a.m.10:00 – p.m.5:00 (Closed on Tuesday)


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