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Koma gallery cafe

Yasaka, Kyoto

When I was led by the souls of my ancestors to the land of Yasaka in Kyoto, a Koma” signboard was erected and Koma Gallery Cafe” was created at the foot of Yasaka Pagoda, a place almost like an inner garden of the tower. The letters “KO” indicates heaven and “MA” signifies a pair of male and female deer standing side by side, which is a symbol of absolute beauty on earth. As the letters signify, the spirituality of Koma is one of founding a nation to realize heaven on earth. In a land where there is spirituality, people gather, displaying their talents and abilities, the beginning of a movement that enables people to live throughout the future. Koma Gallery Cafe was built to create a world where everyone can live vigorously and as a base to transmit the energy to the world. In a space where Idaki Shin sound, expressing an infinite world far beyond heaven, is played, we introduce coffee, a project of NPO KOMA that supports Ethiopia. It is of 100% wild coffee beans harvested in the birthplace of coffee. We would appreciate if people enjoy coffee with aroma and taste that holds the pride of the birthplace, where coffee-farming does not destroy the environment and where coffee has been consumed as medicine since the time of its discovery. Also, people can enjoy gluten-free sweets, expressing the change and atmosphere of the seasons, that match the coffee. Wishing for everyone to live a healthy, rich life with a beautiful heart, I am looking forward to everyone’s visit to the gallery cafe, hoping that one meets the truth and heads to creating the future.

Koma gallery Cafe at Yasaka, Kyoto
397 Kin-encho 2chome, Yasaka-dori Higashioji-higashiiru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0828 Japan
TEL:075-533-0513 FAX:075-533-0518
Open:a.m. 10:00-p.m. 7:00(Closed on Wednesday)

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