While now the fated pascal had been so long afloat.
Owing to a confident reliance on us.

Koma represents heaven and a pair of deer. It derives from an ancient symbolism signifying the most beautiful scene on earth and the realization of an ideal kingdom.
Its activities range from interdisciplinary study on history and culture to the publication of books ,videos, planning various cultural events, an international exchange program, and educational support for children, etc, with a view to cultivating each individual’s sensibility and nourishing his or her spirit, necessary for creating a future social system based on humanitarian principles.

Keiko Koma: The representative of NPO KOMA, vice-representative of NPO Inochi, honorary citizen of Tyre Lebanon, having a regular program at FM stations and the author of publications; Eight heavenly angels, To be with all your soul, Encounter, Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered, To be with all your soul 2; Magnitude of time.

NPO KOMA Representative


Every day of her childhood her father told her to be proud and live a life of dignity as a descendent of the royal lineage of Koguryo. She actually inherited the talents of the Kings of Koguryo and she used to talk naturally to flowers and trees, and prayed for peace day after day.

The interruption of the stream of Koguryo’s history had passed on to her such irresistible grievances that she was almost made to die of deep despair and pain, felt both spiritually and physically. When she encountered Mr. Tadamitsu Saito by chance, her life was miraculously saved, she recovered from a fatal disease, and drew back from the mental abyss. Based on this marvelous experience, she started to learn in depth a way to live a truly healthy life, which could be followed by anybody else. Then she understood that things happening internally and mentally are essential, and the key to success in one’s life, and she found that the scope of her activities was global.

 The founder and the representative of NPO KOMA, Ms. Keiko Koma is the direct descendant of the ancient kingdom called Koguryo in East Asia. She inherits the nature of the kings of Koguryo, its creative power, excellent traditions, glorious expansion and painful life of exile to Japan after its destruction in the 7th century AD. Following the extraordinary talent of a shaman king, she actively visits various parts of the world every year and creates unique poems as messages of Heaven, Earth and Human civilizations in the past, present and future. She is currently giving globally her poetic performance as a joint concert program with Idaki Shin under the name of Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered. This program has been staged as many as 106 times in Japan and abroad. In the year 2007 alone it was staged in Bulgaria, Syria, Jordan, Romania, Macedonia and China.

NPO KOMA Artist & Coffee Roaster


In 1971 he began a professional career as a specialist in social welfare. For a period of 8 years he worked in one of the most advanced homes for the aged in Tokyo, where he planned and implemented a new life-care system. This provided the basis for various official services and facilities that can be seen in operation today.

From around the age of 20, he pursued studies into the fundamental questions of human life, such as what is the true meaning of health, and how one can liberate oneself from burdens and exercise one’s own creativity, etc. At the age of 35, he discovered a way to recover the original function of life common to all human beings. At a later stage of his unique investigation, he discovered how to do this through piano improvisation, and has given more than 1138 concerts throughout Japan and various countries. These have provided audiences the opportunity to experience the immanent beauty of life and to regain the vitality to pave a way for the future.

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